Saturday, August 30, 2008

Starting From The Beginning

My first post leads me to question where to begin... so much has happened since the day my fiance proposed, although it was only a month ago.

First of all, let me begin by saying I am lucky enough to be marrying the man of my dreams. To quote a great line from "Fools Rush In," my guy is "everything I never knew I always wanted." I had given up the idea that I would ever find the right man for me - and had completely stopped looking when RH walked right into my life. We met at a wedding almost three years ago, and I've never been so relieved that I decided to stay until the very end of the reception. He walked right up to me and asked me out around 2 AM... and we've never looked back.

RH is sooo wonderful, that he proposed to me in front of my entire family. He was as red as a tomato and he broke out in a full body sweat, but he said some sweetly romantic things, and he was brave enough to say them in front of my family. He'd asked my dad for permission to marry me, so Daddy-o was the only other one in on the surprise. Now that I reflect back upon the moment, I realize I sat there looking like some giant-mouthed bass. My mouth was hanging open and my eyes were bulging out of my sockets. RH had caught me so off-guard that I had to be prompted to stand up when he went down on one knee. I was so in shock, and so eager to hug him, I failed to even look at the ring he was thrusting at me. After I cried and slobbered all over him, someone in the room cried out, "Well, what does the ring look like?" I laughed, and admitted I hadn't bothered to look yet. But when I did...whoa! RH has impeccable taste, style and an incredible talent for simply knowing what I'll love. He picked out a ring that I couldn't love more - a mixture of old and new - with a family heirloom setting and a center-stone he personally selected. He was so nervous about getting everything right, but he didn't realize that he knows me so well, he couldn't have possibly gotten it wrong. Everything about that moment was perfect.

Before getting engaged, we'd talked about marriage and wedding possibilities. We were able to agree quickly on one thing... having a destination wedding. But how to pull one off was an altogether separate issue. And beginning that journey deserves its own separate post! Till next time...