Thursday, May 14, 2009

From PV...

Hi all! Russ and I decided not to cancel our wedding plans and to continue forward with our wedding at Vallarta Palace on May 16th in Nuevo Vallarta. We are SO glad we did - things couldn't be better!

The hotel at first was at 5% occupancy, so things were very quiet. Service has been amazing at the hotel property - and everything about it is beautiful and relaxing. Our guests have started arriving, and there is another wedding party - so there are more people around now... but it's still probably only 30% occupancy at the point. The hotel has thrown in many perks for our guests - upgrades to the Concierge level for everyone, $250 spa credit, $250 golf credit. Everyone is having a great time, and they are thrilled about the unexpected extras.

We have done the Canopy Tour (fantastic) and Rhythms of the Night (a must see.) I would suggest venturing out to do either one if you have the time during your wedding stay or honeymoon. We got a ton of great photos from both outings, and I was even brave enough to wrap a snake around my head for a memorable pic!

Based upon our group bookings, the hotel is picking up the cost of our stay for the week, and giving us unlimited private receptions. So tonight we're doing a welcome cocktail reception, tomorrow a rehearsal dinner, a reception after the ceremony Saturday, and a farewell brunch Sunday. I have never been so happy with our decision to do a DW, and just wanted to share with everyone that things are gorgeous in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta... so for all you PV & NV brides - you'll love it!