Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Late For A Very Important Date?

So I wondered if finding a date would be as tough as finding a location. Turns out it was more difficult. Here's the skinny on planning a DW:

January - Super expensive due to those getting away for the New Year.
February - Still pricey because of the snow birds.
March - Spring breakers.
April - The party continues.
May - The most popular wedding month.
June - Hurricane/rainy season.
July - More rain + heat = misery.
August - Hotter than Hades... and still raining.
September - Monsoons.
October - Risk of rain = 100%.
November - Still rainy, but tapering off.
December - Expensive enough for the holidays that you'll have to sell a kidney. Maybe two.

So note that May was our only option if we wanted to keep our guests with kidneys intact and soggy-free. The problem with May is that the first weekend was all booked up at every resort we looked at. The next weekend, we had a high school prom to avoid, (RH has a senior step-brother whom we wanted to be able to attend.) We also had college graduations to avoid, (several guests graduating the weekend after the prom.) We also had high school graduations to avoid, (the last weekend of the month.) The Indy 500 is always a factor the last weekend in May too, making travel limited and pricey. So now out of five weekends, we had one to choose from. ONE out of the entire year to really consider, if we wanted everyone to have maximum availability.

I held my breath as I clicked on the availability of Vallarta Palace for the weekend of May 16, 2009. Actually, I was sweating bullets, and I felt a little like throwing up. As the date popped up as "Time Available" at sunset on May 16th, I almost oozed out of my chair onto the floor. I immediately filled out the reservation request form, and crossed my fingers. I got an email a day or two later confirming that they'd blocked out the date for the Lloyd/Hubler wedding. You'd have thought Ed McMahon had shown up at my door with a giant Publisher's Clearinghouse check. Score!

Now, what would be the overall reaction from our potential guests? Were we ready for the fallout? Till next time...


LoveLladro said...

Hey there! Just stumbled on your blog from Amy Jean's! Congrats on the engagement and soon to be wedding! I plan on getting caught up via your blog ;~)

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Love the box full of shells...