Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I never win anything requiring luck... but I finally won something! Thanks to the Relentless Bride, and one of her fab giveaways, I won some super-cute decorations for our at-home reception! (Check out the contest she had here.) Yaaaay!

But wait... I won, not once, but TWICE!!! I had so many entries, her random-winner-selector picked me for both giveaway wins. Alas, to be fair, she had to spread the love around:

"The two winners for the Wedding Tissue Pom Giveaway (Thanks Prost to the Host for an awesome giveaway) are...YES... the two winners are.... WAIT A second...Ms. BBQ can not win twice... so, the second winner is SPAMGIRL!!!!"

No hard feelings, Spamgirl -I'm willing to share. Though hoarding these poms for myself would have rocked! Till next time...

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